Classically trained, Kevina has a strong foundation in both observational drawing and painting. From 2008 to 2016, she completed her Masters and Doctorate in Fine Arts at Middlesex University in London. Throughout her career, Kevina has had several solo and group shows, and her originals can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the world. Her practice has evolved from many years of dedication to her practice. Kevina works predominately with acrylic paint, but also experiments with watercolour and acrylic paint merged with other techniques, to create compelling and unique works on paper.

Whilst some of her paintings explore an intimate narrative of femininity, of self-reflection and abandonment to gaze, other work reverberates with a unique style, showing intimacy and sensuality where the paint is built up with light layers of hue applied sensitively to the canvas. Her aim is to move and connect with the spectator; to incite people to question and to perceive something beyond the pictorial.