David started out studying graphic design at Doncaster College in 1966, then at 17 being a little adventurer he took the boat from Southampton to the Canaries. He then spent the next few years between the Canary islands and mainland Spain, where his early career was personalising the Plaza Del Torres posters for tourists. He then went onto to set up with his easel and oils in Parque De Santa Catalinia, where he spent his days painting  people, cafes and surroundings.

He went onto to exhibit in Hong Kong after traveling through Asia and eventually he returned to the uk. He then  started his new chapter in storyboard advertising which took him to New York for two years. When the crisis hit in 2008 he decided to focus full time in fine art which he continues doing to this very day, everyday!

David and his French wife Marie- Laure now live in the beautiful village of Lavenham in Suffolk.