David has been a professional artist in various guises for over 25 years. Originally working as an illustrator, he built up an impressive reputation as a versatile and talented artist and worked in a variety of fields as a visualiser in advertising, a scenic painter in the leisure industry and also as a muralist, pasticheur and copyist. His formidable output covered an immense range of subject matter and absorbed many influences, from the Flemish masters to contemporary media imagery.

After several years David tired of working under direction of others and struck out to build a more personally rewarding career as an independent fine artist. Due to his considerable success, he now has the time and freedom to paint under his own direction, and his latest breath-taking collection features a striking range of vibrant floral images.

David is now based in Suffolk. Amongst his many commissions, he has produced entire collections of Original Paintings on canvas for two English country houses, as well as many projects around Europe. Alongside his painting, he has recently become involved in teaching classes in the art of trompe l’oeil in the UK and the Netherlands.